Who do I contact if I want to play golf on a certain day? - The following are contacts to call if you are interested in playing golf on certain days. Please note that it is important that you call or email them prior to the date. Reservations will be filled on a first come first served basis.  

SUNDAY PLAY: Must call no later than the Thursday before play.

Contact Person #1 - Carmine Palummo - (917) 692-5134 or carmineeramaster@aol.com

Contact Person #2 - Rocco Rago - (347) 752-3262 or rtr828@verizon.net

FRIDAY PLAY: You will receive an email several days before play. You must call no later than the Wednesday before play.

Contact Person - Dave Pearson - (917) 494-6163 or david81046@aol.com

WEDNESDAY PLAY: You will receive an email one week prior to play advising when and where we are playing. You must call or respond to the email no later than the Monday, 12 noon, before play.

Contact Person - Joseph Albano - (718) 702-5456 or shaunhicksmensclub@aol.com